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​'Inspired, Beautiful Holistic Products to Enrich the Senses, Nourish the Mind and Feed the Soul'

Pure Fresh, Enticing Scents of Natural Goodness...
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Our Special Product Range

 Quintessentially English with an Indian inspired twist,

our Handcrafted Artisan products are inspired by the Pure Magic

and Natural Beauty of India.

Have you tried the Sweet Scented

Floral Notes of our Melissa and Rose Geranium

 Artisan Soap?


Or Intoxicated your Senses with the

Magical Uplifting Powers of our

IndianTurmeric and Lemongrass?


Artisan Cold-Process Natural Soaps

Made with High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Sourced from

 India and the UK

Ethically Made, Kind and Luxurious for the skin.


Essential Oil Candles

Hand poured 100% Natural Vegetable and Plant Wax Aromatherapy Candles for a clean, long burn time, using carefully blended

Essential Oils from

Nature's Table.


Our Luxurious Product Range

 Pure Botanicals, Organic Creamy butters, Natural Earth Clays,

and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

are all used to Cleanse, Nourish and Replenish

moisture levels of the skin. 


We offer Natural Aromatherapy Plant Wax Candles,

 infused with a sumptuous range of carefully blended

Essential Oil scents, Bespoke Rustic Gift Boxes, Dish Soap Sets,

Natural Essential Oil Reed Diffusers

and much more...



Our Journey


Wyld  Rose Holistics emerged out of our passion for beautifully scented Natural Essential oils, Butters and Botanical's, and the Health and Well being properties they provide. 


Combined with a fascination for Traditional Cold-process Artisan Soap making Techniques, our Love of Colour, Casting, Print and Eastern Travel our humble Business was [..]

Indian Inspiration

We work with a dedicated team of Master Potters and Traditional Block Print creatives in Jaipur in Rajasthan who produce our hand painted Jaipur Soap Dishes,

Oil Burners, Indian Block Print Cotton Scarves and Table wear.


you can now order our prod